Pat Wictor CD release, Philly-area house concert (2/27)! addenda / errata

Hi folks--

Well, I've played fast and loose with the facts again.  (Bob Dylan was right - songwriters and journalists are two different things.)   Pardon the correction:  the suggested donation for the Musical Lairs show is $20 (not $15).  I promise to play 33% better, just for that.  :-)

The correct data:

Saturday, February 27, 8:00pm
Musical Lairs House Concert
St. David's, PA  19087
tel. 610-520-0442

Sugg. donation $20

For reservations and directions, contact Lee at
tel. 610-520-0442 or


You may have noticed that my "Saints and Sinners" show with Toby Walker at Steel City has been rescheduled:
It's May 1, not March 26.  We'll have more good stuff cooked up by then!

Thanks for the patience and support - much appreciated!