(Nearly) Complete Discography

CDs and Guest Appearances

Pat's own CDs, as leader or co-leader:
Pat Wictor, FLARE, 2022
Pat Wictor and Deborah Latz, Counterpoise, 2018
Pat Wictor, This is Absolutely Real: Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs, 2017
Brother Sun, Weights and Wings, 2016
Brother Sun, Some Part of the Truth, 2013
Brother Sun, Brother Sun, 2011
Pat Wictor, Living Ever-Lovin' Live, 2010
Pat Wictor, Sunset Waltz, 2008
Pat Wictor, Heaven Is So High...And I'm So Far Down, 2006
Pat Wictor, Waiting for the Water, 2004
Pat Wictor, Temporary Stay, 2003
Pat Wictor and Jim Ypsilantis, Things You Know, 2001
Tall Tales, Souls Are Falling, 1999 (out of print)

Guest appearances on the following CDs:  ("This list might not be complete - I've played or sung on enough that I've probably forgotten a few!" -PW)

Reggie Harris, On Solid Ground, 2021
Zoe Mulford, Small Brown Birds, 2017
Davey O, A Bright Horizon Line, 2017
Eric Bannan, You Are Welcome Here, 2017
Lizanne Knott, Excellent Day, 2016
David LaMotte, The Other Way Around, 2016
Spook Handy, Keep the Flame Alive, 2016
Matt Borrello, A Dollar and A Kiss, 2016
Meg Braun, Restless Moon, 2015
Bethel Steele, Shadows and Light, 2015
Roy Schneider, Ten from the Pen, 2015
Sonya Heller, 17 West, 2015
Neale Eckstein and Friends, Click, 2015
Phil Henry, Aberdeen, 2014
Mike Morris, Raise You Up, 2014
Katie Gosnell, Dear Katie, 2014
Carolann Solebello, Steel and Salt, 2013
Friction Farm, I Read Your Book, 2013
Tom Prasada-Rao, Adagio, 2012
Buskin and Batteau, Love Remembered, Love Forgot, 2012
Zoe Mulford, Coyote Wings, 2012
John Flynn, End of the Beginning, 2011
Sloan Wainwright, Upside Down & Under My Heart, 2011
Lipbone Redding, Unbroken, 2011
Joe Crookston, Darkling & the Bluebird Jubilee, 2011
Jon Vezner, Catz of the Coliseum, 2011
Meg Braun, Broken Places, 2011
Friction Farm, Every Mile is a Memory, 2011
Annie Wenz, Ride the Sky, 2011
Bill Nash, Dreaming Again, 2010
Sharon Goldman, Sleepless Lullaby, 2010
Fred Arcoleo, Seeds
Luanne Surace, Bleecker Street Roots
Anne Mironchik, Cookin' in the Kitchen, 2010
Amanda Penecale, Chalkboard, 2010
Joe Jencks, Links In a Chain,
Meg Braun, Tomboy Princess
Mara Levine, Mara's Gems
Sonya Heller, W. 11th
Mel White, Back in the Day
Tim Grimm, Holding Up the World
Greg Greenway, Standing on the Side of Love
Andrew McKnight, Something Worth Standing For
Joe Crookston, Able Baker Charlie and Dog
Helena Nash and Greg Greer, Painting a Moving Train
Michael Berkowitz, A Song For Every Station
Amy Laber, Cold, Cold Year
Wilderness Plots (Tim Grimm, Carrie Newcomer, Krista Detor, Michael White, and Tom Roznowski)
Spook Handy, Whatcha Gonna Do?
Joe Jencks, The Candle and the Flame
Jud Caswell, Blackberry Time
Chris Chandler and David Roe, American Storyteller Volumes 3&4
Kim and Reggie Harris, Get on Board!
Abbie Gardner, Honey on My Grave
Charlotte Kendrick, North of New York
Zoe Mulford, Roadside Saints
Todd Giudice, Little Known Secret
Sharon Goldman, Shake the Stars
Anne Mironchik, Find Me

Guest appearances on forthcoming CDs by:
Greg Greenway
Daniel Rauchwerk

Samplers, compilations, and writing credits:
"Love is the Water," Recorded by Shawn Taylor, Balance
"Love is the Water," Recorded by Mike Morris, Raise You Up!
"Love Is the Water," recorded by Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz, Whole Other World
"Sleep Through Christmas," Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 6:  Happy Holidays
co-write with Abbie Gardner, "Hand Me Down My Walking Cane," Hope
"Cold Cold December" (with Beaucoup Blue), Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 4
"Simple Christmas," Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 3:  Happy Holidays
"Make Levees" (co-write w/ Erik Balkey, performed by PW), on Mission Street Project: Make Levees
"When the War is Won" (co-write w/ Erik Balkey, performed by Laurie MacAllister and Amy Speace) on Mission Street Project: Make Levees
"The Quiet of the Snow," Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 1: Happy Holidays
"Look for the Light" (co-write w/ Erik Balkey, performed by Erik Balkey), on Mission Street Project: Liberty Tree
"Love is the Water," recorded by Robert Mattson, Amazingly Live
"For You" (co-write with Chris Chandler, spoken word piece set to "Where Did You Go?", performed by Chris Chandler and David Roe, American Storyteller Volumes 3&4