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Minor 7th, Nov/Dec 2006 Review of "Heaven Is So High..."

Pat Wictor finds inspiration in the intersection between gospel and the blues. He also plays some pretty wicked lap steel that alternately shimmers and shivers. His Guild DV-52 and bottleneck grace his originals and makes covers of blues ("Come Back Baby") and singer/songwriter tunes like Bob Dylans "Oxford Town," his own. This all works on record thanks to the great guitar sound producer Gene Goldsmith gets. Wictor gets terrific support from guests like Red Mollys Abbie Gardner and the too far under the radar Joe Jencks, who sings (I kid you not) alto, tenor, and bass (and did the vocal arrangement) on "Raise My Voice and Sing," one of Wictors anthemic originals you might hear sung around campfires, years from now.
--David Kleiner