Heaven Is So High...And I'm So Far Down

cover of Heaven Is So High...And I'm So Far Down

released 2006   RiskyDisc Records

2006 RiskyDisc Records

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This CD continues the direction of Pat's last two CDs:  slide guitar songs, outstanding originals alongside distinctive traditional covers.  There are new sounds and textures--cello, accordion, and lots of vocal harmonies.

Pat Wictor:  lap slide guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Cheryl Prashker:  drums
Jen Schonwald and Joe Jencks:  vocals
Stephanie Winters:  cello
Radoslav Lorkovic:  accordion
Freebo, Larry Cohen, and Aaron Goldsmith:  bass
Bob Beach: harmonica
Jim Ypsilantis:  guitar

On "You Got to Move":
Abbie Gardner:  vocal, dobro

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