Wherever You Go, There You Are

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     Thursday, June 1, 2023
-Wherever You Go, There You Are
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Wherever You Go, There You Are

I lived in five countries, on three continents, before I was 18.  

Growing up, I never felt that I belonged anyplace.  My family moved every few years, and every place I lived was simply a stop on the way to the next place I was going to live.  Friendships all had an expiration date, as did my attachments to the joys of living someplace.  As a young adult I used to have an itch to move, to pull up stakes and wipe the slate of my life clean, because I had already done it so many times.  I’ve only learned about the longevity of friendship and love well into adulthood, years after most people experience such a thing.  I married an amazing woman who’s never lived more than 5 miles from the hospital she was born in.  Among her countless gifts to me, she’s given me a sense of place, of belonging someplace, and a large and wonderful family to be part of.  And now I’ve lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for 22 years, the longest (by far) I’ve lived anyplace.  

My wife and I just moved, with all the chaos and disruption that entails.  We needed a fresh start with our living space, but we didn’t want to leave our life behind.  We moved 22 blocks from our last residence, to the other end of our neighborhood.   We’ve had to notify dozens of places of our new location.  But we’re keeping our doctors.  Staying near friends and family.  Even eating at some of the same restaurants.   Life is good, and the web of relationships that surrounds us makes it so.

Have you moved around much?  If so, how was that for you?   If not, do you have a sense of belonging where you live?

Ears and Eyes:  What I’m Listening to and Reading


Karrin Allyson, Footprints  
  "Follow the Footprints"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdS1SvnzBX0
Ben Allison, The Stars Look Very Different Today
  "The Ballad of Joe Buck"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF4ZFy32RxA

Ward Farnsworth, The Practicing Stoic  tinyurl.com/4468ws7n
Daniel Jones and Miya Lee eds., Tiny Love Stories  tinyurl.com/4pk6vfdu