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Horn Tooting: PW Signs With Booking Agent   Year-End Honors and Recognition

I'm pleased to announce a significant career development:  I will be represented by a respected booking agent, McShane Glover of Noteworthy Productions.  McShane and I were introduced by Toby Walker, an artist on her roster, and a good friend of mine.  I'm very pleased at the possibilities this opens up in the coming years!  Please see the "Contact" page for how to reach McShane's agency.

Other exciting developments:
I've been nominated for a number of awards, and starting to generate some "buzz" and recognition in a number of quarters!  Here's what's happened so far:

2006 Nominee Folk Alliance "Best Emerging Artist" Award
2006 Nominee Independent Music Awards, Best Gospel Song (for "Love Is the Water")
Go to the Independent Music Awards website, and scroll down to "Gospel".  
Check out my friends Hope Nunnery and Amy Speace, nominated too!
2006 The Midnight Special "Favorites of 2006" (for the CD "Heaven Is So High...")
Go to the Midnight Special website  (Antje Duvekot, Greg Greenway, Diana Jones and I made Rich Warren's 2006 favorites list, alongside Bruce Springsteen.  First time for everything!)
2006 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase, Voted "Most Wanted"
 Yes, it's finally official!  Visit The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival website for dates and details on next year's festival.

The "Most Wanted" artists--me (accompanied by percussionist Cheryl Prashker), my good friends Red Molly, and the wonderful performer and songwriter Ellis, will be hitting the road as the Falcon Ridge Preview Tour, from May 6-20.  Check back on this website for dates.

I normally don't expend this much effort trumpeting my own good fortune, but I've had so many wonderful folks pulling for me, I thought you might like to know:  your support is paying off!

Warm regards, and happy holidays,