Pat Wictor: National media, New CD, and invitation

Dear folks--

There's been so many great developments in the last couple weeks, I feel compelled to draw your attention to them.  Some of you have been following my efforts for a long time, and others for a shorter period, but I think all of you can appreciate these:

•-The latest edition of Dirty Linen (February/March 2008) has an in-depth two-page article on me, by Ellen Geisel.  As you might know, Dirty Linen is a nationally distributed magazine, widely read by fans of acoustic music.  Their website includes an excerpt.  Pop by:  

You can pick up a copy in Barnes & Noble, Borders, some newsstands, and of course, the Dirty Linen website.

•-I'm appearing on XM Satellite radio as part of a live in-studio performance of "Remembering Phil Ochs."  The program is hosted by Sonny Ochs, Phil's sister, who provides juicy anecdotes in between the songs.  Performing Phil Ochs songs are myself, John Flynn, Greg Greenway, and Magpie.  Here are the broadcast times, all on XM Channel 15 (The Village):

Tuesday, January 15, 12:00 noon Eastern

Saturday, January 19, 12:00 midnight Eastern  (ie, very late Friday night)

XM, as you may know, broadcasts nationally.  The show was arranged by the wonderful Mary Sue Twohy (, who has her own show on The Village, "Songs to Hang on Stars."  

•-I'm in the middle of a new recording project that I'm excited about, and that I want to invite you to participate in, if you can.

It's actually two projects:  The first is a full-length CD that I'm calling "Sunset Waltz."  It includes mostly my own original songs: "Whiskey Vacation," "Thick-Skinned Blues," "Eventide," and a few others.  I'm also including two Phil Ochs songs ("That's the Way It's Gonna Be," his co-write with Bob Gibson, and "Changes."), a Pierce Pettis tune ("Song of Songs"), and a great Danny O'Keefe/Bob Dylan co-write ("Well, Well, Well").  I'm looking to release the CD in late March or early April.

The second CD, some of which I'm recording now, will be centered around several Phil Ochs songs: "There But for Fortune," "Celia," "Knock on the Door," "City Boy," and a few others to be determined.  I'm also looking to write a few songs that will fit comfortably alongside his.  I haven't settled on a title, but the subtitle will be "Blues for Phil Ochs."  As many of you know, I've been fortunate to be included in the Phil Ochs Song Nights organized by Sonny Ochs, and I've been exploring the poetic genius of Phil's music, from my own blues-based vantage point.  I'm aiming to release this CD in the first part of 2009.  

I've lined up some outstanding musicians (Jon Carroll, Cheryl Prashker, Don Porterfield, Mark Murphy, Bob Beach, Joe Jencks and Helena Nash, and a few others to be determined), many songs I'm proud to sing, and a studio with all the technical chops I could want (Glenn Barratt, who produced Susan Werner's "Gospel Truth" record, and his wonderful staff at Morningstar Studios in the Philadelphia area).

I'm also looking, for the first time, to hire a publicist to help get the word out about the new record, and to help me reach new listeners.  

Yes, it's ambitious, folks, and here's where you come in.  I've financed all my past efforts with my own resources, and the help of a few close family members and friends.   I'm now reaching out to you, to the whole community of listeners enjoying my music, and inviting you to participate in financing this project.  A lot of artists are doing something similar, and have shown that it's a viable and powerful grass-roots approach to financing big projects.

I've already contacted several longtime fans and friends, who each contributed $100 or more apiece--they've raised over $2500 towards the budget!  I'd like to raise another $5000, which seems competely doable.  Here's how:

*If you can, contribute $100 (or more) towards the project.  I measure my own expenditures in terms of auto repairs:  this is only 1/15 of a transmisson, and much less than the price of, well, almost anything you'd ever need repaired on your car.  ;-)  

*Of course, any fraction of the above will be most helpful, effective, appreciated, and useful.  Please feel welcome to help in whatever amount is comfortable to you!

Here are a couple ways of delivery:

•Via PayPal.  This is the quickest, easiest, and most paper-free way to do it.  You don't have to be a PayPal member to send money, and it's a fully encrypted, safe way to conduct transacations.  Go to, click on "Send Money," and send to

•Send a check, payable to "Pat Wictor":  Pat Wictor, P.O. Box 090884, Brooklyn, NY  11209-0884.

One important caveat:  There are a number of concert presenters, DJs, and media folks receiving this email because of your kind interest in following my efforts.  If you are one of those, please consider this missive an update on my doings, rather than an invitation to financial participation.  You've done a great deal for me (and many other artists!) already, and it's deeply appreciated! :-)  And of course, everyone who's already sent something, I'm very grateful, and am forging ahead, thanks to you!

More great developments ahead, no doubt. Thanks for letting me bend your ear, for enjoying my music, and for coming to shows.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Warm regards,

Pat Wictor

P.S.  Everyone on this list signed up for it.  If you'd like off, just reply with "Remove" in the subject heading.  It will be done.  :-)  -PW


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