Don't You Know Me Well

Devil got me again with a 40-ounce jug
Pounding in my brain, woke up on the rug

I try and I try to walk the straight and true
But you made me cry, Devil loves the blues

Oh, baby
Oh, baby don't you know me well
Down so low, I don't even know myself

Walked down the road to the center of town
See somebody who knows why I am so far down

Doctor said I was stuck preacher run me around
Gypsy brought no luck, healer turned me down

Oh, baby....

The river calls my name to jump in and drown
They don't want me in heaven, Devil's calling me down

(With a nod to Robert Pete Williams' "I've Grown So Ugly")


PW:  vocals, acoustic lap slide guitar, lap steel
Cheryl Prashker: percussion
Freebo:  bass
Bob Beach:  harmonica
written by Pat Wictor (Tell-A-Tale Music/BMI)