Time of Troubles

In this time of troubles you can come and stay with me
Though my shelter's only made of grass and reeds
It's no time to be alone, you won't make it on your own
Besides, I'm in need of some company

In this time of troubles, when the worries never end
I just want to be here when you need a friend
Come on in and share my food, I will try to bind your wounds
You can rest a while and let your tired self mend

There's no place safe, can't you see?
These small kindnesses are what I need
So much of me is missing
Please, help me be complete

In this time of troubles, let me holdou in your pain
I will be here when the nightmares come again
We'll turn the lamplight on, and wait for the dawn
I'll sit by your side and hum this refrain


PW: vocals, acoustic guitar
Steve Berson: cello

by Pat Wictor (Tell A Tale Music/BMI)